Genysis~ It is a pleasure to be part of this time on this planet. As a medium and Intuitive reader, I use Spirit to communicate to deliver messages from passed ones, Ancestors, and Spirit Guides. I have worked directly with James Van Praagh for Mediumship certification. Also, work with Psychic Medium John Holland and trained with psychic Susan Ortalano.
I invite you to open your mind and soul to the Healing of Spirit. As an Empath, I know how it feels to be sensitive to other people’s energies. I spent most of my life running away from it and realized that it’s not a curse. It is a miraculous thing, to learn to feel compassion and empathy. The world needs more of us to spread love.
I am available online sessions thru video, chat and phone.

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JVP mediumship certified
Psychic certified with Susan Ortolano

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