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Empathic Healer Nancy~ My ancestral spirits and genetic lineage, previous lifetimes, and many years in sweatlodge on quartz-infused sacred lands have gifted me with remote psychic energy healing abilities with an emphasis on intuitive destiny mapping and co-navigation. I focus on the realignment of soul energetics via the chakras, the aura, the meridians, and the entire energy body. I work with Archangel Michael and your own spirit guides to cleanse the energy body, remove attachments, cut cords, clear hexes, curses, and elementals. Depending on the client, there can be clairaudient, clairvoyant, and clairsentient experiences. Resolution and visitation with those passed over may occur. Reiki, pranic healing, shamanic healing, tuning fork, and other frequency healing may be used to balance the unique individual with the help of Archangel Rafael and your spirit guides. I use non-touch based applied kinesiology to determine if demons, entities, spirit possession, implants, starseeds, or Satanic influences need to be properly returned to the Divine Order. As appropriate, counseling can be provided on relationships, relocational alignment geography, and career or business moves. As an empath, I mirror your hunches, hauntings, dreams, and aspirations. My clients often sense newfound clarity and joy in their lives.

Cherokee Shamanic Healing Certificate; Lakota -style sweatlodge firekeeper and backup water pourer; Reiki Master; Pranic Healing Certificate; Herbalism Certificate from Partner Earth Education Center; Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Certificate, NJ Licensed Massage Therapist; Chinese Medicine coursework at Midwest Center for Oriental Medicine; Social Ecology MA with a focus on psychoactive ethnobotany in the Americas; BA in Liberal Arts; AAS in Illustration and experienced nature photographer and animal rights advocate with the blessings of St. Francis.
“Nancy’s ‘calling’ to Symi, a tiny rock in the Aegean, was no ‘accident’. She was a Godsend!
Through her presence, her vision, and her gifts I was able to understand my own calling. She ‘turned on the light’ for me spiritually and emotionally. And for the first time in my life, I was finally able to understand myself.
My sessions with her gave me the insight and guidance for situations, past, present, and future, that have allowed me to heal and transcend in more ways I could have imagined. I genuinely value her empathic feedback and, to this day, continue to ‘check-in’ with her, for which she always lovingly assists and continues to shine her light and instigate healing. –Anna T.