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Transformation Psychic Coach~ I am a transformational coach, Empath, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, clairsentient, Intuitive, and Reiki Master. I am a Certified Cognitive Behavioral life coach, Certified Empowerment Life Coach & Certified Spiritual Life Coach. My specialty is love readings, but I also give other readings as well. I am a gifted psychic medium and everything you tell me is completely confidential. I have many happy clients that loved their readings. My end goal as a psychic is to help and empower my clients as much as possible. I am also a transformational coach and I support and help my client’s many ways including Manifestations, Mindset, Love, Spiritual, and much more.
Love & Light


Hi here are a bunch of reviews and testimonials that I have received from clients! 🙂

Manifestation coaching:
Sweet, kind, and caring. She was supportive and gave me great insight! Will be back

Text message love relationship psychic/mediumship reading:
Prompt text reading that resonated with me. I will definitely order again. Thank you!

Twin Flame love psychic/mediumship reading:
I love reading and the message. Thank you.

Twin Flame psychic/mediumship love reading:
Great reading, lots of fun with good insight!! Would definitely recommend!

Career/job psychic/mediumship reading:
It was a great reading. Thank you

Twin Flame love psychic/mediumship reading:
fantastic very clarifying. Made a lot of sense

Twin Flame Attunement:
Her healing attunement helped a lot. But be prepared to let go of negative energy and people. It can be a bumpy ride but very worth it.

Love psychic/mediumship Reading
Reading with Steph was truly honest and straight to the point. I’ve got my clarification that I needed. Thank you so much.

Angel card/mediumship reading:
Great reading. Validated what I have been told before. Thank you.

Twin Flame angel card/ psychic mediumship reading:
Kind and generous. Took extra time to answer questions.

Twin Flame angel card/ psychic mediumship reading:
This reading was detailed and really resonated with me. The response time was very quick too! Thank you!!

Twin Flame angel card/psychic mediumship reading:
Reading resonates with me. Accurate and honest predictions.

Twin Flame psychic mediumship reading:
Thank you! She really does go above and beyond.

Twin Flame Coaching:
Steph knows what she is doing. She really put my mind at ease.

Reiki healing:
I am thankful again for Steph. Initially, with my prior purchases, she helped me to understand myself and my journey more, and gave me information about how I can begin to work on myself. Fortunately, I then purchased Reiki sessions with her and ended up really needing them! I went through a month of upheaval, which challenged me physically, mentally, and emotionally, and believe the energy she sent to me helped me to get through it all. I often was accomplishing in days what normally took me months to do. She also worked on blocks and I noticed how positive I was feeling about myself. Although I am dealing with some negative thinking lately, I have been inspired by Steph to take classes on healing and to work on changing my mindset. I would definitely purchase more Reiki sessions with her in the future.

Psychic/mediumship reading
Was awesome and really well thought out! Super happy with my reading

Angel card/mediumship reading:
My reading was extremely informative! Steph is great with details making sure you have a full understanding of your cards!

2 psychic mediumship questions:
I am so happy that I found Steph. I am going through a confusing spiritual journey, and she has given me some answers and guidance that other people were unable to give me. It is obvious that she is interested in helping people and that she is insightful and compassionate.

Spiritual Attunement:
Steph is great at what she’s doing.
I have got some attunements but the one that she channeled to me was amazing. I totally swam deeply into it, my body felt it and after that my spirituality power developed a lot.

I will definitely use it again.

Thanks, Steph.

Reiki healing:
Very communicative and a great Riki session. I could feel the results!

Psychic/mediumship reading:
Wonderful reading and was more detailed than I anticipated. Will be purchasing again

Angel card/mediumship reading
Fast reading! Thorough. Easy to understand. Told me what I needed to hear and fell in line with what my usual psychic has been saying! Will purchase from again!

Twin Flame love psychic/mediumship reading:
Hey just so you know (I know this was like a year ago) but your reading was completely correct. I am in a Twin Flame connection and at the time I wasn’t willing to accept that what you had said was true but now that I think back it’s exactly where I was at and exactly what I needed to do

Twin Flame Attunement:
I adore her, am a returning customer. She is intuitive, honest and kind. Doesn’t sugarcoat but does so with compassion.

Twin Flame Attunement:
Love is alll you need
Thank you for this Twinflame attunment. I look forward to helping the world come into union AND LOVE

Psychic mediumship reading:
A++ highly recommend. Reading was exactly what I was going through and it enlightened me very much. Thank you.

Psychic Mediumship reading:
Thanks a lot for everything. She helped me understand my own path and gave me great advice for my spiritual growth.

Halloween party psychic:
I hired Stephanie to give tarot card readings at my Halloween Party! She was completely amazing and did such a good job! Everyone was very satisfied with their readings and her friendly personality. I would highly recommend her!!!!!