Antoinette Star



Antoinette Star~ I am a Manifestation Witch, Love & Relationship Coach, Life Coach, Somatic Sex Educator, Intuitive/Spiritual Tarot reader & Energy Healer. My goal is to give you love, nature your own wisdom, motivate you to inspired action, hold you through trauma, and celebrate your triumphs & victories!

Through my work I help people find true self love, and to build strong and long lasting relationships through intuitive readings, guidance and coaching.

I know how difficult it can be to let go and create the emotional and physical intimacy you dream of. we can be disconnected from ourselves and our partners and sometimes its hard trying to navigate away back to one another  Yet regardless of the struggle, it is possible to experience true intimacy Let me help you Let Love back into your life.

Using tarot, meditation exercises, and coaching tools  you will learn how to build deeper intimacy to  connect with yourself and others.


Tarot Reader Certification
NLP and Hypnosis Certification
Relationship and Dating Certification
Manifestation Coaching Certification
Andrew College Associates

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