Bruce A Psychic

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A Certified Tested Advanced Level Evidential Psychic Medium Clairvoyant. LGBTQ+ Welcome. Specializing in remote viewing, psychic energy reading, and mediumship. LGBTQ+ Welcome. His remarkable ability to connect to the spirit world and bring through accurate messages is amazing as he bridges the gap between physical and spiritual realms. His compassionate and down-to-earth nature provides a comfortable reading as if you are with a friend who knows your journey.
He is known for his precise remote viewing of past, present, and future events on your life path timeline providing detailed guidance, intricate insights, and providing quick solutions on relationships, career, family, love, living and deceased loved ones, and your soul's journey. He also receives psychic messages from your loved ones in spirit who wish to guide you on your life path with their healing messages of love.
Every reading is unique and an amazing experience.