Butterfly Rasta Girl



I’m Butterfly~ I use Ancestral Charms & Tarot as my Divination tools to frame the Channeling I receive from Source & the Higher Angelic Realms. Joy & laughter set the energetic mood for my sessions. Life-impacting messages are delivered wrapped in love & compassion. It is my desire for you to know how Devine you are, how in alignment you can be, and see the patterns & flow of you & the life that summons you. It is an honor to be of service. Light, Butterfly

Services Offered:
– Oracle Readings
– Channeled Messages from Source
– Channeling from your Higher Self & Ancestors
– Tarot
– Newborn & Infant Oracle Readings
– Spiritual Coaching & Guidance
– Ancestral Charm Readings


Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach

Master Spirit LifeCoach