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International Psychic Medium Ericka Boussarhhane is highly respected for her amazing abilities to communicate with loved ones from the other side. Ericka has helped countless people with issues in relationships, grief, career, family, health, finance, death, crime, business, and more. She uses her mediumship, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairscent, clairtangency, and clairgustance to help others find closure and insight into their lives. As a generational psychic, Ericka uses no divination tool for her readings.

She has been featured on television programs dealing with the paranormal and interviewed by national radio stations across the country. She also has been profiled on television shows featuring psychics that solve crimes and bring closure to families after death.


Astrological Institute of Integrated Studies

The Anastasi System of Psychic Mediumship

Florida Center for Reiki Training

The College of Metaphysical Studies

Certified Psychic and Healer Association Member


Several years ago, I lost my youngest son. The grief of losing a child is long-lasting and far-reaching. It stays with us, forever. I had no church, or other organizations, to turn to. So, for years, I held it in. Last summer I made an appointment, for a reading, with Ericka. That 1 hour with Ericka changed my life. Ericka never asked me ANY questions other than “do u understand this?” She relayed info, to me, that she could not possibly have known. Personal family things that happened even before I was born. That 1 hour left me with feelings that had long been absent. Mostly hope, that I would one day see my son, again. And joy, that there is something more after death. We never get over the loss of a child. The pain of that loss will always exist deep within. Instead, we adapt to life without them. But, that 1 reading, helped me to move forward with my life and the knowledge that there is more to come. Thank you, Ericka. Alice H.

My experience was wonderful!!! I can’t praise Ericka enough she was very professional along with sensitive, gentle, and real at the same time. Her honesty was magnificent. I would recommend her for anyone who wants or need to talk to their loved ones. I only have one request may I please have a copy of the notes taken while reading me. Again thank you! Adrian Ricketts

I didn’t know what to expect from my reading but, my mind was blown. I immensely enjoyed my experience and I look forward to speaking with this beautiful lady again in the future. T. R.

I originally encountered Ericka back in 2011. I was having a bunch of bizarre dreams about my mother who had passed away in 2008, In fact, today is the anniversary of her death. I felt compelled to look for a well-established psychic in Pensacola, where my mother is interred and where I spent half my life. It so happened that I found the famous international psychic, Ericka Boussarhane. I booked my first reading with her online and my life changed exponentially. Without giving her any information, she validated everything. One awesome example is when she relayed the message from my mother about how happy she was that I was wearing her ring. No one knew that I was wearing my mother’s ring, except of course my mother. I keep her wrapped around my finger.:) And the fact that I was standing in an apartment in Italy at that moment and never having met her, while she spoke to me over the phone from Pensacola, Florida made this experience even more spiritual and profound. April T

Ericka came into my place of work and completely blew my mind. She knew things that I had never told anyone and even was able to tell me things about my father who passed when I was sixteen that I never had told anyone I knew. She did this all unprompted and at random, it was incredible. This woman is the real deal. Taylor W.

Ericka gave me a reading and told me all kinds of things she could not have known. She was caring and helpful and gave me peace of mind after losing my young daughter recently. She was able to see that her death was a police coverup- just like we suspected and she gave me good information. She also relayed messages of love between my deceased daughter and I and I literally have stopped crying about her death, for now. Thank you, Ericka. I will be back! You are truly gifted. Tracy L.

What an amazing reading my entire family got from Ericka! She gave us insight that only someone with her abilities could share! She has been extremely accurate with the messages she delivers and we look forward to many more in the future! If you are skeptical take a chance you won’t be disappointed! Ronee R.

Wonderful experience ❤️ Resha

She shared things with me that only my mom and best friend knew. Gave me so much closure that I desperately needed.

Restless Nights – The appointment i had with Ericka was very emotional and the details she knew were amazing. She is the real deal. She is very kind and down to earth. She was spot on! Rick Rice

Cindi Vinyard -Erika is the best. Real deal. Must see. Amazing experience I will never forget.

Regina Brown – Erika helped me in so many ways. I went in a skeptic and out a believer. She said things no one else would ever know . Thank you Erika for giving me peace of mind.

Jennifer -Erika is awesome! She is definitely the real deal.

Janice Thompson – Erica is the real deal. I was having some ghost adventures in my house. My mother found Erica and she was able to tell us it was my father trying to communicate with me. Since that day I have not had any other issues. Erica was able to draw my house layout, she was able to tell me locations in my house about things that had happened, she knew way too much without ever asking anything but my name. It brought tears to my eyes the things she said.

Melanie bridges- This wonderful lady is truly psychic, I have been going to her gallery reading for the last 2 years now and she has hit dead on to whatever is coming out to me.

Jackie Egan- I was astounded ! She is amazing, and knew many many things about me and my family.She’s a kind and good person and makes you feel comfortable. I highly highly recommend her.

Ericka was so spot on and specific with things. It was truly life changing for me. She helped me see I was making the right decision with a relationship I was in. She is the real deal, no doubt.  Erin Sloane