Gifted Suz

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I come from a family line of gifted ones. My great grandmother and grandmother both Cherokee psychic’s. From an early age, I have been able to read people. I have been 99% correct on predictions with job promotion, marriage, births, pregnancy, and deaths. At the age of 50, I am embracing my gift to help those in need of guidance along their way. I feel and absorb energy, therefore, just a phone call and I will be able to read you. Love, romance, healing and finding one’s true authentic self are my specialty. That's why they
call me the Love Expert. I am good with problems of the heart. I am also good at career, destiny, and life paths along with money and finance. I use dousing rods, oracle cards, tarot cards, crystals, candles, and pendulum during my readings. I believe in home herbal remedies along with crystals to help heal all problems of the
I am an energy magnet, and a true believer in the energy of crystals and gemstones. I've done a lot of research into gemstones and have found that the power and energy of rose quartz tends to draw true love. I'll also help my clients learn how to pick the right stone to make sure that the gemstone is correct for them. When you find the right stone, your body will rock forward. If the stone isn't good for you, you'll fall backwards. I also teach them how to test the stone to make sure that it has the right energy to draw the attention they want. A pendulum reading is all based on energy. A client will ask a yes-or-no question and I use my pendulum to guide me to the right answer. The energy that moves the pendulum is amazing. I also do mediation and manifestations using candles and crystals. Once again, it's all about energy and it's something that you're doing to try and get to the result that you envision. I talk with my clients about the end results that they want and then lead them through a series of meditation, crystals and cleansing energy. It is all about getting to your authentic self-one