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Since I was young I’ve always had dreams that came true, extremely empathic, and always felt drawn to helping others. I’ve worked in the mental health/social services field for 16+ years. I always knew life has more than meets the eye and decided to explore further for personal purposes. While trying to help myself get through a divorce was when I realized the gifts that I possess. I’m a master manifester, and alchemist, know how to dive in and connect with archetypes, and have the most experience with Divine feminine energies. I’ve acquired training in Reiki, Chrystal Healing Spiritual life coaching, etc. I am also an earth Angel. My purpose is to make sure every person that I come into contact with no matter how small the interaction knows what it feels like to be genuinely loved. I started my journey years ago, but never dove into it the way that I have the past year during separation and divorce. They say deep pain or life-changing events is usually when awakening takes place. I am here to spread messages solely through love and light. All of my decks are for guidance purposes. I am not into any dark magic nor do I plan to. I think of the readings as therapy sessions. I pull cards explain to you their meanings and assist with finding ways to overcome your deepest struggles with guidance from angels and the Divine. I love you all and I’m going to leave this post open for questions and answers. I love you all!!!! Please don’t be the part of society that hates/fears something just because they don’t understand it. Do your research on lightworkers and you’ll see what I’m about. Ase’