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I'm an Indian Mystic and Chakra Advisor with a cultured gift from the Great Spirit and guidance from The Ancient Fathers. I have been practicing and studying the Esoteric arts and Universal Law for over 23yrs on many psychic networks. By embracing Divine Light energy my readings are non-bias and centered on your aura which enables me to read without tools. My crystal aura and candle therapy enlightens the cosmic path towards your human revolution. While focusing intently on the future, I will give details in clarity that can transform your desires into manifestation. To avoid unsatisfied readings and appeal honest reviews, please consider the allotted time chosen to address your inquiries as Chakras rotate messages and nature dictates its speed. Everyday is filled with infinite and magical possibilities to achieve your most passionate dreams and desires. So if you’re ready to Ask the Answer I'm ready to guide the way. ~Namaste~