Psychic Tips

People often invade the space of those they try to help. It happens in many situations, both everyday and psychic. When nations do this, a war often ensues. When done by people, this is many times justified as “help”. The patterns of intrusiveness are learned. Most people are told from an early age what to do, and in turn, they know to tell others what to do. Giving advice is often accompanied by judgment. Usually, the person receiving advice is made to feel as if it were wrong. There may also be warnings of severe consequences. The one who gives the advice feels superior or influences the one who receives it. Perhaps the recipient feels confused about acting and seems to accept being told what to do gladly. Very often, even a usually cautious individual will seek the advice of others if certain information warns him of treachery or other troubling news. There is a misunderstood concept that interfering with this kind of free advice is being thoughtful.

To act for the best good of all, an intuitive person approaches psychic gifts, making them available and others’ space, as sacred. Borders are respected. There is respect for all life and the desire to create a positive force. There is a reminder that each person is Divine and has their own unique and personal path. Judgment towards others does not enter into sensitive sessions. It is not for the psychic to give directions to others, tell people what to do, or create emotional situations based on the fear that will force the listener to return for further sessions. 

Understanding and conveying information takes discernment. The first step is the initial transposition of the symbolic world of the spirit. In this mystical world, symbols are not to be taken literally. A sign can have a multitude of meanings, depending on the circumstances. It takes practice to learn the language of the non-physical world.

Once the psychic has received the information and put it into context, the second step is to ask how, when, and if to share the information received. Time is often the deciding factor. Sometimes the recipient may be negatively affected or merely unable to hear or assimilate some of the stories, depending on the moment it is received. Language is also a key component. For the information to be useful and meaningful in the recipient’s context, the words must be chosen carefully.

A psychic develops these skills with time and practice. The ability to manage intuitive skills implies being able to communicate even the most delicate information in an appropriate way and without harming anyone. This should be done in a way that leaves the person relieved and with greater clarity about the next steps.

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 Imagine having lunch with your best friend, talking about the latest news. Perhaps you hint at a recent psychic reading of yours. It could have been a reading given by chance by a sensitive psychic friend, an unsolicited psychic prediction, or a professional psychic session.

As you watch yourself tell her the insights listed below, consider the possibility that the sensitive person has crossed non-interference and fairness boundaries. Also, keep in mind that there is always a risk of misinterpretation of the things said in a session, and that ego-based desires can influence the meaning. People will often hear what they want to hear or what they are ready to attend, so the sensitive person will need to know how to present the information.

At one time or another, everyone has had a desire to be famous or fall in love with their soulmate. Psychic information that flatters the person’s ego, or creates the feeling of being unique, is not helpful for spiritual progress. Quite often, when a psychic passes on information, the when and how are essential. Of course, when data is based on fear or is communicated in ways that generate fear, psychic power is misused.

Remember that information about the future is only an indication and is not a guarantee of what will happen. The future that is predicted is based solely on what is happening at that moment in your life and on your state of consciousness. According to the changes of consciousness, the end can change according to the actions you take and invisible factors beyond your control. Similarly, even if it is normal to want guarantees in life, avoid giving too much weight to psychic predictions of luck or bad luck. It is an imaginative way of thinking and will lead to disappointment.

If you feel you could have harmed someone with a psychic reading, consider this solution. First, forgive yourself. Second, leave any judgment. Third, check intuitively by logic to define what corrections you will want to make using your psychic gifts. Ask to be shown what your gray areas are, and what ego-structured patterns within you are that compromise your intention to help others without harming them. Fourth, ask for clarity for appropriate next action with the person you feel you have broken. Fifth, take responsibility for your actions by reconsidering them.

If you are reading these words, this is a life in which you are opening yourself to a greater awareness of your sensory gifts. Knowing that the use of these skills can be a source of both suffering and liberation, you may feel uncomfortable practicing them. It is prudent to be careful, but do not allow prudence to turn into fear. 

The more you positively work with your skills, the faster you can develop a sense of ease and practical ability. These skills can be very beneficial, not only for you but for others as well. Honing your intuitive gifts in these times of significant change on Earth is no luxury. You can’t afford to hide them, water them down, or pretend you don’t have them. 

These natural gifts will help you discover the world’s nonsense and help others get out of fear. After all, haven’t you incarnated now to help facilitate humanity’s paradigm shift?

Whether you are talking to strangers, loved ones, or customers, use your sensitive skills responsibly. Now, then, you can define how you intend to use the gifts you have.

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